Monday, January 21, 2008

THE LAST VESTIGE EXHIBITION: 28 July 2007, The Hardship/albb, Ho Chi Minh City

Launched on the cusp of a full moon, The Last Vestige existed as a fleeting one-night only art experience set afloat down the Mekong on the vintage boat 'The Hardship' - its destination a private riverfront property on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, where an electronic music party lay waiting ...

Reinforced by a coterie of all-female Australian artists, each room and cabin of the Hardship boat became the setting for a series of mini-dramas, site-specific installation and performance works drawing inspiration from themes related to time-travel, mutancy, and piracy.

Presented across a series of interconnected temporary autonomous zones; 2 bus shuttles, a 'Vulture House' party property, and 'The Hardship' boat, The Last Vestige sought to create a dynamic new exhibition experience toying with the freedoms and comfort levels usually afforded art audiences, sending the audience hurtling as passengers and players into the apocalyptic unknown.

Alice Lang
It Came From The River

Madeleine King
Luminary Fugitive: The Hitchhiker who suffered an eclipse

Imagination: Suprnation
immortIS mutatIS mutandIS h5nOneness escort agency and carrier craft service

The Ephemeral Flesh Projects

Lucy Dyson
Deliver Us From Evil (2006)
Mixed Media, lightboxes

Sue Hajdu
Magma II

The Bush-Couture Bag-Lady of Reptilian GLory

* Photographic Documentation of Artist Performances: Ngo Dinh Truc

Thankyou to the following collaborators and supporters for their assistance and goodwill:

. Sonic Accompaniment: Suckaphish P. Jones
. Party Property: Ly Le Hoa, Nguyen Cong Quang, Phan Ngoc Thuong Dung, DJ Mark Jolly, Justin Barerra
. albb assistants: Le Trong Duong, Van Thuy Linh, Julia Mironova, Vu Anh Thu, Le Ngoc Son, Nguyen Tan Dat, Matt Rose
. MAGMA: Ngo Thi Ngoan, Bui Thi Ngoc Thuy, Tong Xuan Tien, Nguyen Ngoc Tri, Phan Chi Mai, Nha May Chau, Ton That Hoan Vu, Alexandra Tolstikova
. The Hardship: Le Thi Tung Suong, Nguyen Van Minh, Captain Ha and the crew
. Showtime: Philip Brophy, Thorin Cagle
. Documentation: Peter Stuckings, Ngo Dinh Truc, Francois Lamontagne
. Design and Print Management: Fabrice Lecouffe, Madeleine Allen-Cawte, Lucas Surtie

Swee Lim and the Staff of Asialink
Kim Machan of MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific

The artists would like to thank: Mike Riddle, Glenn Anderson, Andrew McNamara, Thu Baumann, Thomas New, Theo Baumann, Dr. Liz Ahern, Jan Lang, Rebecca MacBean, Meg Heaslop, Carmen Tyler, David Spooner

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