Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Artists on Board

Through the Asialink residency in Ho Chi Minh City I will be working and collaborating with Australian artists and artists from the Vietnamese community to develop and exhibit works to suit the thematics of the Last Vestige floating exhibition premise, and accompanying workshops and artist talks.

Artists exhibiting and performing on board The Last Vestige include:

Madeleine Allen-Cawte (I:S)
Alice Lang
Alicia King
Madeleine King
Vivian Jean
Lucy Dyson
Sue Hajdu from a little blah blah

Madeleine Allen-Cawte & Alice Lang (2006)


The Last Vestige

1. a mark, trace, or visible evidence of something no longer present or in existence
2. a degenerate or imperfectly developed organ or structure that has little or no utility, but that in an earlier stage of the individual or in preceding evolutionary forms of the organism performed a useful function
3. a footprint; track

Themes informing the development of installation work and performances on board The Last Vestige include:

time travel, soviet space programme and cosmonautical style, cruiseships
lounge parties and gift giving/exchange between artists and the community
evolution, mutancy
pirate utopias
Concepts of the Apocalypse

About The Last Vestige

The Last Vestige is a multi-arts cross-cultural exhibition presenting the work of a group of contemporary Australian artists, and artists from the Vietnamese arts community.

It aims to present site-specific work, performances, and a launch party on board a floating junk boat between the focus week of the 28th July and the 4th of August 2007. The Last Vestige also extends to on-board artist talks and presentations to promote exchange dialogue between the Australian and Vietnamese arts community.

The Last Vestige is curated by Thea Baumann as part of an arts management residency which will be undertaken in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from April 26th - August 26th 2007.

This residency is an Asialink Project funded by the Australia Council, the Federal Government's arts funding and advisory body and Arts Queensland.

Thea Baumann acknowledges the support of Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor Fellowship for assistance in researching nomadic arts practice in Asia and in the delivery of The Last Vestige arts programme.